Saturday, 27 December 2014

My Photo Wall

Finally, the Christmas holidays have come so i have time to have a huge clear out. I started cleaning my room on Monday and it took me two whole days. I never want to clean again. Cleaning and getting rid of old things brings me so much satisfaction because you start to see the results straight away. My room looks a lot less cluttered and i finally had time to look through my disposable camera photos and put some onto my wall.

Some of the photos are from my childhood and some i took a few weeks ago. It features pictures of my friends, pets, holidays and family. The best thing about this wall is that it's very personal and you can change it very easily. I attached mine with Blu Tack but alternatively you could use a cork board and pins. You could make a theme for the wall or add gem stones or homemade bows around the photos. Everyone that enters my room is drawn to it and it brings back so many good memories.

p.s hope you had a really great Christmas

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