Saturday, 4 April 2015

Lure Fish and Chips

Lure is a local fish and chip shop that we have been going to since it first opened last year. We have only eaten inside once but have taken food away on numerous occasions. It is a small-ish restaurant with very basic pinterest-worthy colour co-ordinated interior. It has little booths, which remind me of hip American diner. It also has rustic stools on the seats looking out onto the street. The waiters there are really polite and have complimented our dog Noki many times.

Fish and chips never entirely attracted me until this restaurant lured me in (oh the pun). The fresh-flavoured homemade-tasting fish makes up for their small take-away menu. Haddock is their main fish that is the exactly how you would imagine a crispy battered fish from the seaside. It comes with a small pot of homemade tartare sauce. I have also had their miso infused salmon and calamari, which is so crispy and full of flavours. The best thing in the whole shop is their side order of Fennel-Slaw. It is just a brown box of perfectness. It is basically coleslaw made out of fennel without the liquidness and creaminess of normal coleslaw. Overall, Lure is my favourite takeaway (along with the local Japanese) because it is tastes very homemade and full of British flavour like fish and chips should be.

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