Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Drawing Calendar: March

This post is the third edition to my 2015 drawing calendar. I explained everything January post. This month has been a busy month for school and i had to go to A&E for my bad foot. I had fun drawing this month because more exciting things happened each day. Sometimes, if i've been slacking on the drawing on the weekdays, i watch TV and fill in the gaps on the weekend.
-Noki's first training lesson
-Phone went in the dish washer
-Went to A&E
-Maths Test
-Painted my self portrait
-Got my maths test back
-First long dog walk in ages
-Made marmalade
-Bought a cauliflower
-Went to the globe theatre
-Last fitness P.E lesson
-Grade 4 saxophone exam
-History essay
-House party
-Slept for 5 hours
-Head hurts
-Irish face painting
-Running test in P.E
-Met a new friend (lol)
-Got my eyebrows done
-Worst party ever in the cold
-Got a cold
-Misfits Marathon
-Last food tech lesson
-Party at the bandstand
-Jazz concert
-Went to a french brasserie
-Brother came home
-Windiest day i've seen

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