Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New Music

My dad has always enjoyed every type of music but he never shared many of his "bangin' tunes" with me. My mum was always strictly Bob Dylan and my brother, well, he just enjoys wrapping, remixes and acoustic guitars. I don't ever really listen to music because i find it distracting. I have recently realised that i am missing out on an amazing thing. I ended last year by loving country music (basically one album on repeat) and then i listened to a bit of jazz to help with my improvisation for my saxophone. Now i've decided that i want to try a bit of every style of music (except mainstream pop- no thanks Taylor Swift). Here is quite an unknown band, which i found that i like: 

The Mouse Outfit- recommended by my brother
I'm so uneducated in music that i'm just going to guess that this style is called hip-hop. The Mouse Outfit is a band from Manchester, who seem to be quite unknown. Their songs normally have rapping (with words that i can actually understand) on top of a repeated trumpet riff and some synthesised sounds. I can do my homework with their songs on and is so perfect for chilling out to or as background music. Two of my favourite songs are Never Get Enough and No Stoppin' Us. No Stoppin' Us has trumpets playing a syncopated riff and you won't be able to stop bobbing your head. I love wind instruments with rapping because it's such a contrast to the normal rappers. I recommend it if you are just getting into hip-hop.

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