Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I went to Leeds on my own a few weeks ago to see my brother. We spent the weekend eating amazing food and chilling out. On the first day, we made t-shirts and i helped him make his pinterest-worthy cork board out of wine corks. On the second night we went to a theatre production at the uni, which i really enjoyed. We had no idea what to expect and it was a play about a witch-boy and his town not accepting him- a tragedy fairytale. The next day, i met some of his friends and we went to Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen for some foreign food (who has tried deep fried naan bread?). The last day was spent in a speed boat (which then broke down) and i was helped my brother coach his rowing team. After getting very cold on the boat, we then had a vegetarian burger. The best thing about being a veggie is that it makes me steer away from my impulse food choice; instead of a bacon and cheese burger, i had the halloumi burger and caramelised red peppers and onions with homemade mayo. This was the best burger i have ever had because it was so juicy and fresh; the fries were also very crude.

I have already been to Leeds many times with my parents, which is when we saw some of the historical and educational parts of Leeds. This time, i really enjoyed just chilling out with my brother and eating so much fresh and unique food. Leeds is a really good place to chill out and have a relaxed time; theatre, food and walks.

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