Saturday, 21 March 2015

My First Impressions on Misfits

After finishing most of the TV shows i enjoy, i decided to start a new one and i was drawn towards Misfits because of its bizarrely un-mainstream story line. It starts off with the five main characters getting caught in a strange storm and gaining deranged super-powers. I have only got three episodes in and it is the strangest thing i have watched. I did not expect to like it but from the first few minutes, i started to enjoy the mystery and farce. 

I liked the idea that five people, who have all done something wrong, are suddenly put together and connected by one storm. They are all doing community service and you gradually find out what each others crime was. Within the first three episodes, i can already tell how different each character is and how funny and sad each of their backgrounds are. Them gaining superpowers is such a good idea because they are not very special and then they suddenly get something that no on else has. I also really liked the use of filters for the cinematography. Everything is quite black and white (except their orange jumpsuits) before the storm then after it gets brighter. 

I think the rest of the series will be the characters coming to terms with their power and developing their relationships with each other. After watching Misfits, i now really want a superpower. 


  1. I love love love MisFits! You will definitely enjoy it :)