Saturday, 28 March 2015


I've been trying to take advantage of my hair growing by doing alternative hairstyles more frequently. I've wanted to try cornrows for a while but kept excusing it because i thought they would take too long. When i was ill at home the other day, i gave it a go because my hair was getting in my way and i was very bored. This is the best hairstyle for sports and fitness because it stops your hair from sticking to you or getting in the way. Also, it does not hurt when you do sit ups like it does with a ponytail. The way that i did this was quite simple, i divided my hair in two and held in to the side with a grip. Then i halved the other side again with a parting comb. I pinned the top half to the side and then did the french plait (taking hair from both the top and bottom). I took out the other half of that side and french plaited that and after that i did the same to the other two plaits. My hair stays in the direction that i plait it in so if i want the plaits to stay behind my shoulders then i have to plait it while it's behind my shoulders. I like wearing this hairstyle with really busy and bright clothes like this shirt that reminds me of South France.

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  1. I love this hairstyle- it looks gorgeous on you especially with that bright shirt.

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion

  2. These look great! Wish my hair was long enough for them. Love your shirt too!

    Natasha |

    1. Thank you so much. I'm sure you could do it with short hair!
      evie x