Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Animal Farm Review

ANIMAL FARM is an allegorical and dystopian novel by George Orwell. It is recognised as one of the most culminating classics. It is a very short book of only 120 pages. Orwell found his inspiration after being horrified by what had happened to the so-called socialist party of The Soviet Union. The usurpation of the socialist revolutionary by Stalin's regimen was not welcomed by Orwell. ANIMAL FARM represents the wrong way that his society was transformed.

The story follows the life of a troop of animals on a farm and displays the problems they collide with when power and hierarchy become available. The animals win a battle against the mistreating farmer, which ends in them taking power of the land. For many years, all the animals work contently but then the generation of the revolution dies. The animals are told by the pigs, who were always the leaders, that they are working for themselves. Truthfully, the animals have been brainwashed and blindly ignore the obvious facts that lead to their manipulation and ignore the terrible things that are happening. The story ends with a vividly described scene that depicts the party for the leaders (the pigs) and the neighbouring farm, where you realise how much the farm has and hasn't changed.

Overall the book is an easy, quick read and there was only occasionally a word that i did not understand. Its relations to the real historical facts were simple to interpret and the only problem i faced was reading too far between the lines. Make sure that you are explained the basic history before reading and that you know who every character symbolises. The story shows the corruptness and harsh improbability of there ever being no leader. By the end of the book you realise you have been laughing at the animals stupidity but really they tragically symbolise the people that should have know better.

If the last line of the book is not worthy of a tumblr post then i don't know what is.

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