Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Christmas Pyjamas

I got two new pairs of pyjamas bottoms for Christmas. I've wanted some new ones for a while but couldn't find any that weren't too expensive and would last me a very long time. Eventually, i found two! I bought them in Fat Face and wow, they are the comfiest things in the world. Out of the two, these ones are the thinest but i would still call them Winter pyjamas. The red will always remind of Christmas. I'm medium height (short, no medium....ok i'm short) and most pyjamas i trip over but at the bottom of these there is a button and hook that allows you to roll them up. I spend a lot of my life in my pyjamas so they need to be mellow like these ones.

I've just come back to school but in the holidays i was really enjoying reading. I just finished I Capture the Castle (after 5 months) which was easy to pick up again after long pauses. I found it to be very relaxing and the story was quite sentimental. Finally, a book that i can say i was satisfied with the ending and wasn't quite expecting it. I have also 'refounded' my beloved bed. I neglected him for a while but now i spend hours reading, talking to my cat and doing my homework on him. I always forget a bed isn't just for sleeping on.


  1. These look so cosy!
    Love your blog, the design is especially pretty x
    Just followed you on bloglovin' could you possibly give me a follow back? thanks x

  2. Cute photos! I don't know if I'm just getting older but I LOVE getting pyjamas for Christmas and any other time of the year! Great post xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


    1. Thank you. I love receiving them too.

      evie xx