Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Lunchbox Review

The Lunchbox is a film set in western India in Mumbai. A lonely housewife makes a packed lunch for her neglectful husband but it is delivered to the wrong desk. This desk belongs to a grumpy man that is on the verge of retiring. Surprisingly, he enjoys the meal. The spices must have gone to his head because overtime, he becomes a more empathetic and caring man. After she realises it did not end up at the right place, Ila, the women that made the food, sends a letter asking who is eating the meals. They then start a chain of letters and tell eachother their fears, memories and regrets.

The Lunchbox was quite unoriginal. It was a very adage love story that i found very predictable. The writer has tried too hard to capture the romance but also the everyday traumas that the characters go through. The film takes advantage of the location and shows off the bustling city of Mumbai (finally, not a love story set in cliché New York). You get a feel of the aliveness of the Indian trains and it shows the delectable cuisines and culture. The characters were believable but not at all interesting. This may have been a good thing because it showed what life was like for real people not adapted film characters. The ending was unsatisfactory and lazy; it didn't leave me thinking.

Overall, this film was witty in a 'mums will laugh' sort of way. The film is heavily adapted around romance but manages to not be too soppy. The characters are older so i would not recommend this film to teenagers. If you are not a fan of Bollywood, but love the Indian culture and romance films then this is for you.

2 and a half out of 5

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