Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Boyfriend Jeans: Belly Chain and Dumbledore Cardigan

I don't know what it is about Dumbledore cardigans that makes me love them so much. Maybe it's because when you twirl it spins around with you.

This outfit is one of my favourites because i wear it all year round. This top, that is made from a really soft material, looks really casual and compliments the light colour of the jeans. It's quite long, which means i can wear it tucked in, tied up or just hanging loose. I thought the top was a unique take on a basic t-shirt, which also means it looks fashionable layered up. The little pocket has an embroidered hand that makes me think of vintage rock bands or hipster sign-language. The gold belly-chain (that is my new obsession) makes the yellow stitching of the jeans and cardigan stand out. It also adds to the thrift shop look of the cardigan.

My mum and i have an unnatural obsession with lace bralettes; they make our lives a whole lot more comfortable. I normally wear wear my multicoloured ones under really sheer clothes or to make a t-shirt more interesting. Lace bras also look really delicate with backless dresses. The aztec print and autumnal colours of the cardigan contrast to the light washed-out shades of the top and jeans. This cardigan reminds me of Dumbledore and feels like you are walking around with a dressing gown. I think big cardigans match boyfriend jeans so well because they are both very slouchy. These red Converse remind me of Dorothy and they make the outfit a bit more colourful.

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