Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Boyfriend Jeans: Halter Neck and Yellow Trainers

It's November Evie, why are you wearing limited amounts of material on your body? I dunno.

I never thought i would own a pair of yellow shoes. They were on sale for £20 and it was a 'i'm gunna be a rebel' moment. I brought them and for days i debated over sending them back, for weeks i tried to find outfits that would match them and then finally it all came to be. Boyfriend jeans and low top trainers. Low trainers looks really good with jeans because they show off your ankles. This also means you can wear funky socks or an anklet.

Both the bralet and top are halter necks so you can just see the eyelet lace poking out the sides of the top. I think it makes the look a bit more edgy and not so summery. The boho print on the jean pocket is a paisley print that is dented into the material. I love that the jeans aren't just one shade of blue; they look washed out and vintage. Instead of spending £10 on a body chain, i took the trinket off one of my long necklaces and put the chain around my waist.


  1. Hey Evie! I remember visiting your old blog a few times - it's nice to see you blogging again.
    Love that top, I've been straying from florals recently but they are slowly but surely growing on me, and so is yellow! The mom jeans look really good too!

    Kathryn from This Outlet

    1. Arhhh yes i remember visiting your old blog too. I wear florals all year round x