Saturday, 22 November 2014

Dealing with Spots

I struggle with spots. I do not have acne or any sort of skin condition; i just have an excessive amount of teenage spots. ew. My skin is extreme combination. This post isn't just about gross stuff about my own skin, it's more about how i have confidence to not wear makeup or hide my spots.

Some days i come downstairs in the morning and i can't look in the mirror because my spots are so red and big. I find that for my skin i get spots that need to be popped. This is getting so gross. I know all the websites tell you not to squeeze or touch your spots but if it's big and white thats what you have to do.

I think the main reason i don't have a problem with going out without makeup or feel self conscious is because i go to a girls school. I know that is a bad thing to say because it shows i care more about what boys think than girls but thats not what i mean. In a mixed school many girls feel that they have to look their best every day and you are the odd one out if you don't 'try' with your appearance. It's pressure from boys and girls. It isn't anti-feminist to care what other people think what ever gender they are.

Don't compare your skin to other peoples because the chances are, they are hiding some mega zits under five layers of foundation or they will get bad skin when they are older. Some people may be blessed with perfect skin but i am not. Wearing bright clothes and thinking of happy things will help take the attention away from your spots and make you feel better. You have to accept that some days your skin is going to be worse than other days. Remember most of the time you don't notice spots on others so they won't notice them on you.

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