Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Boyfriend Jeans: Sports Sweatshirt and Converse

Although it is hard to see, my favourite thing about this outfit is my odd earrings. I don't know what it is, but i don't like wearing matching earrings; maybe it is just my inner hipster coming out. I think i got the idea from my mum who only wears one earring. The outfit was looking a bit basic and colourless so i added these hairbands onto my wrist. I think they look like sweatbands, which coordinate with the sporty jumper. 

For a long time i was searching for a vintage sports team sweatshirt. I was pretty pleased when i found this one in Leeds for £10. I like that it isn't the typical Tigers or Gryphons; it is the Comets. I've never heard of a sports team's mascot being a shooting constellation. South Gwinnett is in Georgia in a place called Snellville. Who knew? This outfit is the epitome of comfy. It is so easy to chuck on and is really loose. I never thought boyfriend jeans would match an oversized jumper but they do!

Small tip for any dog owners: dogs love bubbles. Noki goes ballistic when i bring out the bubbles and starts jumping all over the place. She will chase them all the way to the end of the garden. Then when she catches one she looks so confused that it has disappeared.  

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