Saturday, 1 November 2014

I am Evie

Is this going to be one of those really awkward intros where i tell you what i like and how many pets i have? Yes, it is.

My name is Evie Dylan Isis Elliott. I was going to be called Edie after Edie Sedgwick but then my brother decided to name me after a Pokemon. Dylan is after Bob Dylan, who i adore. Isis is the greek goddess of life and magic. It is also a river in Oxford but i prefer the idea of being named after a goddess...

I have played the Saxophone for five years and i still love it. Country music is the only music i will listen to. I like to paint and sew. I don't wear makeup but love theatrical makeup. I am a genius at eBay and i have one puppy and two cats. Noki, my dog ate my favourite wooden spoon. My favourite foods are yumyums, doughnuts, salad and Japanese cuisine. I adore hights and i want to be a teacher when i am older. I am bossy because i am productive. I am quite embarrassing and i speak too loud sometimes. I do not know horse crap about boys. I have one brother who i really kinda love. If i was a dog i would have a curly tail so when i was calm it would straighten. Seven years ago, my dad fell down a hole when he was helping me fly a kite and i have never laughed so much since. My dad said i am like his mother because i have bad schadenfreude. Schadenfreude is the longest word i know. I once spent £30 at the one pence machines.

This blog is going to be about everything teenagery. I don't like reading blogs written by 30 year olds about being a teenager. I want to give people younger and older than me advice on how to survive school, ideas on outfits, DIYs and easy recipes and how to look after teenage skin. Hopefully my blog will be different but lets just see...

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